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The REPROGRAM  $1250
An 8 week program designed to reframe and refocus the mind. Step out of your limiting thoughtforms, beliefs and patterns and start stepping into a more empowered state of being. Using tools such as shadow work, inner child healing, and cognitive behavioural techniques, you will be able to successfully overcome your fears so that you can break through to a more confident, vibrant and mindful version of you.
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YOU are I N F I N I T E.
Just like your possibilities 
and the body’s ability to heal.
  • Chanel is an incredibly talented, loving and heart centred individual. During our reiki session she took the time to fully explain the process and ensure I was 100% comfortable. I often have trouble relaxing and trusting people, however, with Chanel I felt totally safe and free to be me. During the session I felt tension, emotion, and stress leave my body. I floated off to another dimension and came back more whole. Chanel took the time to speak with me afterwards about what she felt and experienced and helped me more than a psychotherapist you would pay $200/hr for would!!!! I felt cleansed, rejuvenated, lighter, and brand new after a 45-minute session. I would recommend Chanel if you are looking to heal yourself and your body, and help connect the dots, to become a healthier, happier, and more confident you. She is a magical witch, fairy, and goddess!!! 


  • Chanel is one of the best healers I know!! Her connection to the divine is big and she’s one of the purest souls I’ve met in my life!! Her readings are accurate, her healings are beautiful and her energy is amazing!! I highly recommend her to everybody reading this!! ?

    Michael Dumont

  • Chanel is one of the few healers I trust to give me divine guidance! Her readings always give me the insight and confirmations I immensely need. Looking forward to our Reiki healing and shadow work sessions in the future! 10/10 would recommend this beautifully connected healer to anyone looking for soul level healing.

    Astrid Luna

  • Chanel is very receptive and amazing with her insight and intuition!! She has great compassion for even the most sensitive of scenarios. With her Impressive guidance and knowledge she can assist you in many areas of your spiritual path!! Her readings of Tarot/Oracle cards are informative, intuitive and spot on!!! ???

    Lisa W

  • I’ve received a few readings from Chanel, each of these happened to be when I was in a fairly dark period of my life. Although she knew very little about my situation and my life, the Universe and Spirit are truly and divinely connected to her as every reading was so spot on, it gave me goosebumps every time! Every experience I’ve ever had with Chanel is truly amazing, she’s ALL love and light and an absolute inspiration to those beginning their journey and looking to heal the collective ❤️ I can absolutely say I am SO blessed to have met Chanel and be a part of her life. She may not know it, but she’s candidly made such a miraculous difference in my life. Thank YOU for being you!

    Jordan Megan

  • 1000% recommend Chanel for all spiritual and healing needs! she’s a lovely soul, very gifted at everything she does? She does my tarot readings and they ALWAYS resonate with me, like exactly what I need to hear. I also had the opportunity to do a QHHT session with her recently and it was a really interesting and insightful experience! She made me feel safe and comfortable the whole time. I also purchased a couple of her gorgeous handmade bracelets and I love them?

    Jess Michelle

  • Chanel is such a gifted person and did a beautiful Akashic record for me. It was so in depth and so much more information than I could ever ask for. I am so grateful to Chanel for making me aware of the blocks and contracts I was unknowingly carrying. I’m very excited to move forward using the information she provided. She was even generous enough to include a three week healing ? I would recommend Chanel and ANY of her services to everyone I know.


  • I had a wonderful experience with miss Chanel Lynn today doing a hypnosis healing session. It was a very interesting experience where i expressed one of my past lives as a orange seed that grew into a tree. I also stepped aside in my own mind and let my subconscious take the wheel and speak out loud. I highly recommend something like this as my body and mind felt so much lighter afterwards. Im very grateful to of had an experience like this. Thank you again Chanel.

    Charles P.


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