Welcome to 2024

Hello Beautiful Souls 💜,

I want to thank each and every one of you for joining me in this sacred space that IAM creating, as we enter into a brand new energy and welcome in 2024.

I wanted to take this time to reintroduce myself and my brand The Divine Willow Healing Centre as there have been some new faces and energies that have joined this journey.

Welcome to the portal, where my dream and your dream merge in sacred Ünity. Like the collective consciousness of a mushroom community growing underneath the bed of an ancient forest, connected through the Spirit of mycelium. There is safety and presence here, where you can feel who Ü are and remember what you came here to do. A space so sacred that only divinity exists and healing occurs.

My name is Chanel, and IAM an Energy Healer, Psychic Medium & Channel as well as an Intuitive Development Coach. My purpose on this earthly plane is to help you reconnect deeper with your true nature so that you can step fully into your divine sovereignty, collapse your pain body and create a sacred space within your BEing that allows you to fully embody your authentic whole self.

I have been working in the metaphysical field for over 10 years now, with my journey starting in divination and self healing. As someone who has been through a series of "stories" including emotional, physical and sexual abuse, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, self harm, suicide and depression.. I have learned that we ALL have a story that exists within our energetic pain body. Throughout the years I have undergone much training, education, certifications and in-field experience that has allowed me to shift beyond my own limitations and fears into expanded awareness, empowerment and the ability to co-create with the Divine. These tools have allowed me to recreate my story, to heal my pain and to remember that energies, although can't be destroyed, can be transmuted, alchemized and changed into something new, something beautiful. I no longer live in my pain body's story of victimhood, but rather am actively healing my programming, patterns and returning to my natural state of peace within.

I offer a variety of services and classes that help you to understand where subconscious beliefs, stored emotions and stagnant energy may be creating feelings of hopelessness, unworthiness and as though you are "stuck" on your path. As we meet these energies and work with the subconscious mind as well as calming the nervous system to create safety in the body, we are able to clear and collapse these imprints existing within our pain bodies to create a feeling of flow, peace and reconnection with both our Creator self and our Sacred Source - the Great Spirit.

As we welcome in an 8 energy this year, in a 9 year numerological cycle, we are shifting into the vibration of power, innate strength, balance, karmic clearing, success, abundance, prosperity, structure, motivation, transformation, as well as death and rebirth. The 8th house in Astrology is governed by Scorpio, ruled by Pluto which happens to be shifting into Aquarius this year. This brings a lot of opportunity for change and restructuring to take place, especially since Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. 2023 pushed us to consider our options, our desires, and to alchemize our fears into faith. It was a year of reconnecting to the Soul self, a year of transitions, and a year of illumination. Bringing to the surface both clairty and confusion. As we embark on this new energy shift for the 2024 year, we are being asked to take action on all the lessons we learned these last 12 months and to create our visions with knowing, worthiness, truth and strong foundations.

The energy of Pluto and Saturn combined is bringing us major changes both internally and as a collective consciousness. Many planets will be shifting into Aquarius this year which is really setting the tone of the New Age of Aquarius we are beginning to enter Astrologically. We can expect many changes, disruptions and dismantling of societal structures this year as we collectively begin to collapse the paradigms and systems that are not aligned with the hearth of both humanity and our Sacred Mother. Changes in economic structure, institutions, and technology are just some of the areas where we can see these systems begin to be broken down and reinvented. This year can feel intense on an emotional level but can lead to much growth that brings reward and personal achievements for those that are focused on alignment and doing the inner work.

2023 really pushed us to explore ourselves and our worth deeper so that 2024 can show us just how capable we truly are if we are willing to face our fears and take action from a place of passion and joy rather than fear and control.

If you are feeling "stuck", uncertain or are seeking clarity as you navigate your journey, feel free to reach out! We can set up a call to see how my services can best suit your needs and desired goals.

If you like to support local businesses, I also make some amazing soul revitalising products such as Reiki Infused Bath Soaks, Zodiac & Intention Candles made from all natural and organic ingredients as well as custom hand poured candles.

I look forward to another year journeying with you all and thank you for being here, NOW 🕊️✌️✨




🗓️ My books are now open for 2024.







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