Chanel lynn is the founder and ceo of divine willow healing centre. Certified usui/holy fire & karuna reiki master teacher, psychic medium, akashic records reader, hypnosis & past life regressionist and intuitive self-development coach, her vast knowledge and healing experience will help you to shift timelines, bringing you deeper into the vibration of wholeness, tranquility and joy.

Specializing in inner child healing, shadow work, timeline integration and intuitive self-development, chanel incorporates a variety of behavioral disciplines, techniques and healing modalities to best help you receive the guidance, clarity and support needed in order to facilitate healing by transmuting your fears into love so that you can move forward with peace.

Whether you are feeling stuck and unsure of how to move forward, require assistance developing your intuition, are wanting to shift your beliefs and perspectives, or are seeking answers regarding your spiritual journey, chanel is here to help you heal, grow, and ascend deeper into unconditional love as you return back home to yourself.

heal grow ascend
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