Full Moon in Leo

Happy Full Moon in Leo 🌕🦁♌

As we reach the end of the 1/11 portal, we begin to feel our passions, our desires and a strong need to show our true selves to the world begin to illuminate. This lunar phase can bring about an intense emotional feeling as our fears of being seen, rejected and even criticized surfaces at this time. Although the path forward may seem clearer now, there is still feelings of doubt and uncertainty present. It is important for us to lean into these shadow aspects of ourselves, bringing forth transformation and alchemy. Our fears are not here to cripple us, but rather serve as a tool to show us where we still need to reclaim our power and evolve our limiting perspectives.

This moon is providing us an opportunity to tap deeper into our inner light and divine nature. When we lead through the field of love, we remember that the answers we need to take the next steps are right here, in the stillness of the now. In what ways has your intuition been nudging you to take action? Sometimes it can feel intimidating walking in a new direction when we still feel so unsure of the path ahead. Know that it is okay to to not know all the details, your soul has been preparing for this moment, you are exactly where you need to be. There is a part of you longing to be seen, to be heard and to share your truth with the world. Where is your inner child leading you to play more, to be bold and courageous like the Lion? This moon is helping us to trust more deeply in the guidance that is constantly being revealed to us through our guides, Source and intuition. You are safe to listen to these callings.

As we make space for this sense of empowerment to flow through us, it is normal to feel more tired, drained, fatigued and even overwhelmed at times. If you are feeling this way, make sure that you are honouring your body’s needs and recharging yourself with more rest, reflection and restorative practices. Now is not the time for action but rather for slowing down and holding space for our visions to appear more clearly. This is an important moon for questioning our beliefs around our worthiness, and where we may be holding judgement or comparing our journey to those around us. Know that we are all on our respective journey’s. Instead of comparing yourself, try to see the beauty of your own progress. When we view life through the lens of love, we remember that all parts of our existence serves a purpose and is leading us to a more joyful destination.

Leo governs the heart centre as well as the inner child. This lunar cycle you are encouraged to return to the things that light you up. How can you play a little more with the life you are creating and honour the innocence within you by laughing harder, indulging in creativity and allowing yourself to feel appreciated? This is a great time to connect more deeply with your heart space, asking yourself where does forgiveness of both self and others need to be made? In what ways can you lighten the load both physically and energetically? How can you get closer to the vibration of love and joy?

This powerful energy is here to remind us of our full potential and is asking us to have a little more fun along the way as we plan and take steps towards our future endeavours. You are worth it. You have ALWAYS been worth it. Now is the time for you to remember.








Chanel Lynn

The Divine Willow Healing Centre

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